Tuesday, April 22, 2014

End in Sight

So, this week is crazy.  I take the TEAS (the four hour, four part exam that accounts for 40% of my entrance score for the program) on Thursday afternoon, then my final chem lab lecture exam at 8am Friday morning, and my last pre-finals chem lecture exam an hour later, and a stats quiz sometime this weekend.  Then all I have to do is study for my last bio lab practical next Wednesday, and three finals in two days the next week.  If all goes well in the next week, I should be applying to my program with a 4.0 and (if practice tests are any indication) a much higher-than-average test score.  Most of what I have been doing the last decade doesn't get immediate results, and even though those things are much, much more rewarding to me than good test scores, its nice to have something in my life that has quantifiable, near immediate results (yes, waiting only 16 weeks to see an outcome seems a bit like instant-gratification).

So by 6pm on May 8, I am finished with school until late August.  The sun has been shining a lot the last couple of weeks.  It has made it tortuous to be stuck inside buried in text books or lost in Safari tabs, but its also exciting:  so close to walks to the park, afternoons at the pool, bike rides through town, and geo-cacheing adventures sprinkled in here and there.

Less than two weeks after school gets out, I'm off to Boston with the hubby.  Just us.  Traveling somewhere new.  One of my very favorite things in the whole world, and the last time I can think of that we did something like that was in spring of 2007.  Since then, there's been a lot that's happened (including, but not limited to, two more babies and uprooting and moving almost 1500 miles), and we need this.  There's an appointment we have to attend to (and that we'll actually be driving down to Connecticut for, so in addition to days in Boston, we'll get to do a little exploring through New England in the car--bonus!), but we'll be there for five days, and aside from that one afternoon, the time is ours to do with what we will.  And hopefully that afternoon will start a process to help us get closer to where we'd like to be in the long run.  I'll get to that later.  Maybe.

After that, its just summer fun for us--no homework, no classes, no obligations.

Well, there are the small matters of Dylan's baptism and the 200 person family reunion I'm supposed to be putting on.  But those should be fun.

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Kaytee Postma said...

Was there any doubt you'd do great in school!?!? Not in my mind for sure!!!