Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Strengths and Weaknesses, Illustrated

Severely dislocated and fractured ankle: calmly gives directions to the kids, patiently gives information to paramedics and waits through backboard jostling and bumpy drive, chats politely with nurse and doctor while waiting for x-ray and realignment.

Realizes the kitchen floor still hasn't been mopped, someone turned the thermostat up, the laundry room is still a scattered mess and no one has folded or put away my laundry, and the counters and stove still need to be scrubbed, and that there really is no way to bathe the two little girls without soaking at least one of my legs: histrionic monster convinced that the whole world is against her, whom the children run from in fear.

Some trials seem tailor made to show you exactly just how far you are from the person you'd like to be, and in exactly what ways.

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