Thursday, June 10, 2010


I clasp my hands around yours
and offer you the only thing I have to give:
my testimony.
It may not seem like much
and you certainly need much more
but I hope it can help you
take a first step.
Because the truth is
its my greatest blessing--
my most treasured and precious possession.
It breathes life and meaning into all my other blessings.
It keeps my grounded
when I might otherwise be swept away
and balanced
when I might otherwise lose my head.

Hope and joy are eternal and constant.
They never go away,
we simply lose sight of them.
And sometimes
we feel the mist pressing down on us
and we start to let one hand
then the other
slip off the rod,
until before we know it
and not entirely sure how it happened,
we're wandering in strange paths,
groping desperately in the dark,
unable to see the rod
and starting to doubt its even there anymore--
starting to think
that perhaps the memories of ever grasping it are an illusion,
becoming more and more certain
that we can never find our way back,
if there's even a "back"
to find our way to.

And we can't do it on our own.
We've wandered too far away
to reach it ourselves,
too far out of sight to find it on our own.
And so He sends us helpers--
ones who love us,
who may be terribly flawed,
perhaps sometimes impatient
or angry
or nervous,
but whose hand is still grasping firmly to the rod.
They stretch out a hand to take yours
to guide you back,
to promise that the rod,
with all its hope and joy,
is still there,
to hold you up
until you are ready to grasp it again yourself.
So take the hand that is offered to you.

Because men are that they might have joy.

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