Friday, November 16, 2012


Its an iPad and Netflix kind of day around here--my stomach is upset for reasons that are not entirely clear to me (though a houseful of young children should be explanation enough) and I have a cold that has got my sinuses so congested that my eyes feel stuffy.

Anyway, Kylie was sitting in the rocking chair with the iPad watching Angelina Ballerina, and Keira tried to take the iPad, so Kylie kicked her and knocked her down.  I took the iPad and put Kylie in the corner (as I saw the kicking--and the older child doing it--as the worse offense here) and she sat down and cried.  I also wouldn't let Keira have the iPad and she was upset by all Kylie's crying, so she started crying and marched over to the corner, kneeled down and put her arm around Kylie as they sat in the corner, facing the wall and crying together.

Oh, sisters.  They're either best friends or mortal enemies.  Which one they'll be at any given moment isn't always predictable.

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