Friday, October 23, 2009

Motrin miracles

So Keilana has had this stuffy nose/congestion thing going on for weeks now. It gets better, it gets worse, can't ever seem to completely shake it.

This morning she wakes up and crawls into our bed (after pushing her brother over) and says, "Mom, my ear hurts." OK. Maybe getting an ear infection. I tell her to get dressed and get ready for school and I'll try to get ahold of her doctor and get an appointment for right after school. No problem. Right before we leave for school I'm laying on the floor playing with Kylie and Keilana gets close and says something, making it apparent that she hasn't brushed her teeth (puppy breath, anyone?) I tell her to run upstairs and brush her teeth and she leans forward, grabs her ear and makes this sound like she's about to screech but there just wasn't enough air. She says she wants to go to school, so we load up and take her to school.

At 8:30 (one half hour into the school day), my phone rings. Keilana is in the health office with an ear ache and wants to go home. I go pick her up, get ahold of her pediatrician and have her at the doctor an hour later. Turns out, both ears are infected. No pain until this morning? Sometimes I think she just doesn't notice thing until they get in the way of what she wants to do.

Anyway, my point in telling you all this is to endorse children's Motrin. When I picked her up from school, she was nearly in tears from the pain. By the time I got her home, she was crying. She cried while I got the other kids put together and fed, with random little not-enough-breath-screeches here and there. I gave her some Motrin and laid her on the couch. Halfway to Porterville for her appointment, she suddenly starts gabbing away (aka, normal Keilana) and telling me all kinds of things that have happened at school this week. I asked, "Are you feeling better?" She stopped, looked rather surprised, and then broke into a huge smile and said,
"I do feel better! That medicine worked!"

She hasn't had any of her antibiotics yet, but I dropped her off at school on the way home from the doctor's office and haven't heard from her yet (more than four hours later). Sometimes, we like drugs.

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Christa said...

hooray for motrin and tylenol. seriously. i'm not sure what i'd do without them. been there, and hope keilana's ears feel better soon cause that is no fun!