Saturday, January 26, 2013

Murphy's Law

For some mysterious reason, I spent a week and a half dealing with some mysterious fatigue (going to bed at 10:30, sleeping in til 7:30 and still feeling exhausted and in desperate need of a nap by 2 in the afternoon), so only the basic tidying and absolute essentials had been getting done, cleaning-wise, around the house.  Yesterday, I finally felt myself again, so I scrubbed the house top-to-bottom: cleaned the floors, remade all the beds, scrubbed the bathrooms, etc.  Then, when I was finally finished, I went to pick up older kids from school and we went and scrubbed the church (its still our month, and I knew none of us were going to want to do it after dinner, and no one was going to be interested when we got home from wrestling on Saturday).  Then I got home, finished dinner, got everyone bathed, picked out their clothes for the next day (early morning), fed them dinner, watched our family movie, and got everyone put to bed, ready for the 6:30 wake up call.

I was on my feet for nearly 12 hours straight, and was pretty excited about  getting to bed.  I had been reading in bed for about five minutes when Kylie emerged from her bedroom looking dazed, with some sort of brown substance all over her pajama top.  The light was dim, and I strained for a minute and realized it was on her hands and face, too, and it clicked:  she had eaten three--yes, three--brownies after dinner.  "Did you throw up?" I asked.  She wearily responded, "I think maybe?"  I got up and pulled her hair back (in case it happened again) and looked at her bed:  covered in brown vomit (including both her Pillow Pets).  I took her to the bathroom to clean her up, and she said she had to go potty.  While she was sitting there, copious amounts of brown vomit covered the freshly scrubbed toilet and floor.  I was rubbing her back and said, "I'm so sorry, baby", to which she responded tearfully, "Its not your fault, Mommy."  I rinsed her off in the bath quickly, then put some fresh, warm pajamas on her and put her in my bed and, thinking her stomach must surely be empty by now, went to rinse her bedding and pajamas off before going downstairs to get her a bowl.  When I walked through my room, she looked at me with big, pathetic eyes and I started to walk toward her to ask how she was doing.  She asked, "Did you hear that?"  I started to ask, "Hear what?" just as I stepped in a big puddle next to my bed.

So much for all my scrubbing yesterday.

She continued to heave every hour or so for most of the night (though it was mostly dry heaves after the first time--the poor little thing had a very empty stomach by then).  So I'm home in a not-so-clean house with two little girls while Doug, Keilana and Dylan are off to Helena for Dylan's first wrestling tournament of the year.  He looked so cute in his Copperhead singlet.  I wish I got to watch him, but I finally gave Kylie some water and cereal about a half an hour before they left, and she didn't eat the cereal and promptly threw up the water.  A car ride doesn't seem like such a good idea, and a gym full of other kids sounds like an absolutely horrible one.

I need a nap.

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Kaytee Postma said...

Oh man I sooooooooooo feel for you! I can handle any kind of sickness my kids can throw at me, with the exception of throwing up. That is the most frustrating symptom, especially when they are too little to tell you they need to and in Josh's case once, throw up in your mouth!!! I was mad at him at the moment so I kinda giggled when he told me! But I am sorry she's not feeling well. Hopefully the worst is behind her now and no one else gets it!