Saturday, January 19, 2013

My secret life

So we were cleaning the church today (Mormons generally have families take turns cleaning our own buildings--it keeps costs low and helps us all better appreciate the beautiful buildings we're so fortunate to have), and when we got to the Relief Society, the kids found one of our snack cups on the floor behind the piano.

Keilana loudly asked, "What's this doing in here?"  All my kids are old enough that they go to Primary or Nursery, none of them go to Relief Society with me any more, and I almost never take snacks to church for the kids--every once in a great while I will take a small snack for Keira if she slept late enough to miss breakfast--so her confusion was understandable.

I told her that it must've been left there last week when I'd come in for a presidency meeting.  Dylan raised one eyebrow and said, "What meeting? I don't remember you taking Keira to a meeting?" I explained that I have meetings during the week sometimes, and they were both astonished that I went to a meeting, during the day, and they didn't even know about it.  They looked at me like they'd just discovered I lead a double life.

Apparently they think my life outside the house stops altogether between 8am and 3pm Monday through Friday. 

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