Thursday, January 10, 2013

quiet moment

Keira's down for a nap, Kylie is sitting on the floor in front of me building a Lego house, and Doug has come and gone for lunch.  Its snowing outside, and I love how that makes everything looks cleaner and brighter, and makes the world a little quieter.

As I was putting Keira down for her nap she exclaimed, "Book! Book!"  I absolutely love that every single one of my kids, including the barely-4-year-old who can't read and the almost-2-year-old who is just starting to really talk, believe that you absolutely must have a book to go to bed.

Last night, Keira repeatedly said, "Buzz coat! Buzz coat!" at bedtime until I finally broke down and put her bee costume on over her pajamas.  She giggled and went "bbbzzzzzzzz! bbbzzzzzz!" and then laid down with her book and "read" until she fell asleep.  This morning she came into our room, hood on, atennae sticking up, smiling and buzzing.

Before Kylie had been up too long this morning, she has slipped on one of her princess dresses, and so Keira decided she needed to change into her Wonder Woman costume.

Its supposed to snow another 5-8 inches (there's already about 3.5 inches on the ground) in the next 24 hours or so, and tomorrow we'll be hitting double digit negative temperatures, so we'll probably be stuck at home inside all weekend.

That doesn't sound so bad, actually.

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