Monday, September 28, 2009


Michael and Becky, "attack babies"
prowling for hugs and laughter, his flaming
enthusiasm and her quiet insight an unlikely rightness,
their twinned laughter a gentle background,
their difference a way of fitting.
~"Remember, Holding" by Michael L. Umphrey

I love this guy. The news that my sister-in-law is pregnant with twins has caused a lot of reminiscing for me about all the things I love about being a twin. Always having someone there to play with. Always having someone there to hold onto during those scary new situations. The delightfully bittersweet compliment of having someone who's always jealous of your best friend and instinctually dislikes anyone you date:) Someone who gets your off the wall jokes and who, for reasons you can't quite articulate, always gets a Get Out of Jail Free card from you for offenses that would land anyone else in the dog house. Someone who always makes you feel like you're special, simply for having shared a womb with them. . .why is that? Someone who's opinion always means more to you than it should, and you don't mind so much. That one person in life who'll always give you a hug and may not always understand you, but usually does, and loves you even when they don't.

Is it like this for all twins? I don't know. We're both shy, sensitive, affectionate creatures, so maybe some of the things I love so much about sharing so much of my life with Michael are somewhat unique to us (undoubtedly), but I'm sure every other set of twins out there has their "thing". I haven't actually known a lot of twins, and the ones I have known have been identical, which is different. Whatever the reasons, a very special place in my heart is always reserved for Michael, a little piece that no one else gets.

So Christa, I know they're going to drive you crazy and that first year or two will be rough, but find the fun in your little pair. They will often be double the trouble;), but they will almost certainly be double the fun a lot of times as well. And if you ever need a break, remember that auntie Becky is happy to take them for a spell and delight in all their gleeful mischief.

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Christa said...

Thanks for the offer! I will probably need all the help I can get for a good long while. Hopefully, I can hold onto my sanity and even learn some things in the process (patience please). haha, everyone will need to pray for me for awhile. ;)