Friday, April 19, 2013

Better late than never!

Last month, our St. Patty's Day baby turned 2!
Its been a crazy two years for our family, 
and she has been a delight all the way through.  
She is generally easy-going 
and nearly always happy, 
but also confident and assertive.  
She's playful and clever,
sweet and observant.
She already has a quick sense of humor
and talks like crazy
(started in on clear, three-word sentences this week).
She is the apple of her daddy's eye,
and a steadying personality at home,
somewhat balancing the boisterousness
of her siblings' fun personalities.
She loves to cuddle,
but not be coddled.
She tries to dress (and undress) herself
and pour her own juice 
out of the one gallon pitcher (eek!).
Despite the fact that she's the youngest
and has lot of people 
that want to take care of her, 
independence is her schtick.
Her most-oft used phrases tend to be
"I do it" "I made it" and "I got it, mom".
And she loves to giggle.

She makes me smile.
So much.

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