Friday, April 12, 2013


Its been a long week around here.

I've been making and receiving phone calls and emails, trying to figure out what will and won't transfer from my BYUH transcripts to the program I'm trying to work into at Montana Tech and how to structure my fall course load;  Doug has been sick with some sort of respiratory yuckiness all week, and even stayed home from work on Tuesday (which, it turns out, was a good thing, since he had to go to a City Council meeting at 6 that evening--from which he returned at 10:30pm.  Yeah);  Keira has had an upset tummy for a few days, and Kylie still hasn't kicked the cold she picked up last week;  I had just enough sinus congestion (a leftover from the barely-existent cold I had last week) to make me a bit tired and cranky;  and I had to get the house/laundry/organization caught up from our trip to Mission.

And we got report cards late last week.  One was very, very good.  One was a steady decrease in almost everything, surely a result of the fact that the kid can't keep their darned mouth shut in class.  Received disciplinary warnings 4 out of 5 days this week--and I'm pretty sure the one day off was mostly because their class had a sub that day.  And the child who is doing extraordinarily well in all things school-related (including behavior) has been a bossy, whiny tyrant at home recently.

Several privileges have been lost this week.  Several more will follow shortly if we don't see improvements in behavior.

But, this afternoon, we went to the park and played in the sunshine (well, except for the kid who pulled a card today and had to spend the first 25 minutes we were there just sitting there watching other kids play), and then came home to do chores and get ready for our Friday night family movie, and as I watched them all play, together and happily for the most part, and then observed them doing chores when we got home--cleaning and changing litter boxes with out complaint, chattering and laughing happily as they helped me fold laundry, cheerfully changing diapers and taking them out to the trash--I was really grateful for the good attitudes they displayed.  I was grateful for how much my older two love and pay attention to my younger two.  I was grateful to be reminded (not that I ever truly forgot, but we all need  a little demonstration now and again) that, even if they've had a rough couple of weeks, they are good kids.  They're fun kids.  I love that they're so imaginative and open and independent-minded and creative.

Even if it does mean that, on occasion, I accidentally cook a purse while preheating the oven for dinner.  Creativity has its collateral damage now and then.

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