Sunday, April 21, 2013

Late night (early morning?) gratitude

I haven't been able to get to sleep, as my mind seems intent on reliving the entire last five years tonight.

But so many memories that have flashed in my head tonight have reminded me of one the very best things in life:  I have some of the most amazing, generous and fun sisters and sisters-in-law that a girl could ask for.

Talking til 5am during a holiday vacation, finding that the treat you'd mused on Facebook that it'd be nice to have shows up at the door two days later, getting a mid-day phone call just to laugh about the misadventures of a pescatarian, a well-timed gift card arriving in the mail that gives you breathing room at exactly the right moment, a Christmas present you couldn't afford but desperately wanted to get being purchased for your little girl to make her holiday magical, crying over losses together, finding your joys more enjoyable for having shared them with her, putting my baby to bed each night wrapped up in hand-made blankets, the always-happy-to-babysit or even I'm-taking-your-kids-enjoy disposition, the hand-me-downs on all my kids that remind me of other mothers and kids in my life, and so many other things.  My sisters and sisters-in-law have made my life so much better, so much more enjoyable, and so much easier than it would've otherwise been.

As I watch my little girls grow up together, I hope that they will be as good to each other as my sisters have been to me.  Its truly astounding how often my sisters have made my burdens lighter and my blessings more enjoyable. 

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