Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm getting things done, I swear!

I feel like I've barely moved from my chair today.  I've accomplished quite a lot, but its not my favorite sort of things-to-get-done.  But I really have gotten some important things done.  (Well, and my new shoes came today, so I had to take a break to text Amanda a photo of them and then call to talk about shoes and other such important things.  I had to.)  It feels good to have some big stuff checked off my list, but still, I wish I'd had more chance to get up and move around today.

Or maybe its good it worked out this way.  Last night, I got lost in family history (my dad's family is almost entirely Scottish and German, and my mom's is almost entirely English, save for my Swedish great-great grandmother [and one of my personal heroes], which really explains quite a lot) and went to bed much later than I planned.  Then, I had trouble getting to sleep, thinking about leaving my little ones while I go off to school.  So I had to go get Keira and put her in bed with us so I could get to sleep.  That plan was foiled, however, when I got slammed with some sort of monstrous combination of migraine and sinus headache.  The migraine is gone now (Excederin Migraine is a miracle drug--please don't tell me what's in it, I'm sure I don't want to know), but the sinus headache has hung on all day, just enough to compound the lack-of-sleep fatigue.

So a sitting around kind of productivity was probably best today.  And I got to talk to Amanda.  If only I didn't have to make dinner.  Or figure out when/how to get my van fixed.

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