Sunday, April 7, 2013


There are a lot of women out there who feel unhappy and unfulfilled.  I've seen quite a few headlines in the last few years about more and more Gen X and Millennial women coming to the conclusion that women can't "have it all":  they're trying, and its not working, and consequently every area of their lives are suffering.  Many of them, having come to that conclusion, don't know what they should choose, and just feel as though they're in something of a fog.

I've no doubt that the major thrust of the Adversary's plan is to do all that he can to destroy the family:  something he is forever denied, something that inherently contains more possibility for earthly and eternal joy than anything else.  Attacking motherhood is a logical and all too effective part of that plan.  Its been happening in our broader society for a long time, and has been quite devastating to our communities.

Unfortunately, its happening within the Church, too.  But with women of faith, the strategy has been different.  It is not to malign motherhood outright, but simply to imply that it isn't enough:  that your power, your authority is somehow not as meaningful.

Ironically, it is my personal belief that this strategy is itself evidence that the adversary knows all too well just how powerful is womanhood and motherhood.  The brethren, so long as they are living worthily, can use the authority of the Priesthood to command Satan to depart and he must go;  it is my belief that, just as the most skilled hunter doesn't want to get between a mother bear and her cubs, the Adversary is loathe to take on mothers and motherhood directly, because, even if some women misunderstand and take it for granted, he knows exactly how powerful women are through the eternal role assigned to us .  He wants us to believe that we are not, to make attacking that power easier.  Best to disarm or discourage your enemy first.

Remember, sisters, that it was Eve who first recognized the Father of Lies for what he was.  It was she who first recognized the wisdom and necessity of our Father's plan for her and Adam.  Our first mother left us a tremendous legacy of wisdom and courage.  Do not be deceived now.  We are powerful, we are strong, and Satan knows it.  Do not underestimate the authority and power of the roles we have and ought to cherish.

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