Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bison Range

We took my grandma and her husband for a drive over the Bison Range. My kids had never been there (for shame!), and it'd been a while for me, so it was a fun trip. Clark played tour guide for us, since his 96 year old eyes seemed to spot the animals a lot faster than the rest of us. We saw quite a few buffalo, a large herd of antelope, a doe and little spotted fawn (up close and personal, they were--clearly used to the cars/people), and a couple of elk (just some females). It was a gorgeous day and the kids were really excited to see all these new animals. Once we got back down, we stopped for huckleberry milkshakes, of course :)

In the valley between where we're standing and those big, gorgeous mountains is my tiny hometown (Doug says it doesn't qualify as a town, but is instead merely a village or hamlet. I say 850 people is plenty big enough for a town).
I miss these mountains being out the back door. I really, really do.

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