Friday, July 23, 2010

Poor forgotten birthday girl

So, we didn't actually forget Keilana's birthday. I just forgot to blog it, because she got sick and then we went to Fresno for baby blessings, and then we left town unexpectedly and. . .it never happened. Since I can't really do anything but sit or lay down, I thought now was as good a time as any.

I let her decide what to have for breakfast. She wanted to go to this Mexican bakery a few blocks away:
Actually, she asks to go once every few weeks, but since its her birthday I took her. Tell me where else you could find such a delicious birthday breakfast for $0.50? It doesn't look like much of anything fancy, but everything I've ever tried here is delicious.
Keilana loves these giant, sugar-covered rolls. And, of course, she always gets a pink one.

I love these two together. Seth is one of Keilana's best friends. Their hair matches and his birthday is only two days before her's. And he's a good balance to her--this guy is Mr. Mellow.
Part of the crowd. A few others had wandered off to play with some of the new toys and didn't want to be in a picture. Notice my kids cheesing to the point of their cheeks nearly cracking, and Seth showing his mad fighting skills with that sword there.
The morning curls. She loves having her hair put up in curlers and then bouncing around as soon as its out. It was a pretty good birthday for her and she was pretty excited to have her first ever "friend party". Man, six year olds love to pop balloons!!

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