Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Party!

The main event was Sunday afternoon at my parents' house. We all (I think Christa counted 62 of us Umphrey kin) had some super yummy Indian tacos (catered by my sister's mom-in-law, the frybread expert) and enjoyed the beautiful Montana afternoon/evening together. We're a rather informal group, so there wasn't any program or anything, but I think everyone had a great time. I'm related to some pretty cool folks.
Kanana seem to hit people a lot. Of course, Lex lives with Zoran and Israel so I don't think that's really much of a bother to him. He looks happy enough.
My fantastic sister-in-law, Christina (seriously, everyone loves her) and my nephew Aodhan (who actually belongs to another sibling, but the kids all kind of get tossed from one parent and one house to another. Its all a bit communal around there. He is seriously the happiest and most content baby I've ever seen. He's just almost always smiling.
Doug played goalie for the soccer fiends for a while--he was actually pretty good at it.
My older sisters with their babies--Gwen and Kanana (last of 3 or 6, depending on how you count), and Christa and Lex (last of her four).
John and Esteban were in pretty fantastic moods after watching Argentina win their world cup game, so they were showing some of the Montana kids their mad soccer skills (and they are both very talented). They were passing with their heads for a while. This doesn't seem like it would be fun to me, but they seemed to enjoy it.
Whenever my family gets together, there are cameras everywhere. This sister, Christa, my twin brother, Michael, and my dad are all really great photographers.
These two are brothers. Christina and Eldon's children seem to come in a variety of color combinations. But I've decided that these two boys are two of my favorites.

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