Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kylie's vocabulary

I usually keep track of the kids' words when they start talking, but I've been really bad about it with Kylie, so I figure I'll at least put it here, so I have a record somewhere.

Mama Dada Yaya Mimi Papa Dy-dy(Dylan) shoe soo-soo(swimsuit) in-ah(Ginger)

Doe(dog) tair(chair) be-bo(belly button) eye ear nose no go whoa ow car butt

poopoo tah (stop) stuh (stuck) haw(hot) haa(hat) choo-choo pone(phone) tub

out cool mine baby uh-oh hi bye bye ni-ni(night night) bo(book) pu-ple (purple)

ju(juice) tane oo (thank you) moe(more)

It seems like I'm missing a couple, but that's all I can think of at the moment. She's picking new ones up everyday, so its easier all the time for her to be bossy ;)

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